Ming-Na Interviewed By Celebrity Babyscoop

Not only does Ming-Na make time for her busy acting career, and two wonderful children she’s also taken a few minutes out of her busy and hectic day to sit down and answer a varied selection of questions with popular online Celebrity Babyscoop.

You can read an excerpt of the interview below:

CBS: You are mom to daughter Michaela, 9, and son Cooper, 4. How has motherhood changed you?

MN: “My core personality is the same, but my focus and views on what’s important has changed. I still love acting and pursuing my dreams, but my ultimate focus now is to be best mom I can be and raising my children to be happy and being the best of who they are.”

CBS: What are your greatest joys as a mother? Biggest challenges?

MN: “My greatest joys as a mom is a long list! I love when my son enters our bedroom in the morning wanting to snuggle, or reading them bedtime stories, playing and laughing with them. I love being a kid again and going to amusement parks or watching cartoons with them. Watching them enjoy the meals I make, becoming little persons forming their own ideas & opinions, etc.

The challenges is figuring out what to filter from our information age and how to age-appropriately protect them. Teaching them to appreciate what they have and NOT BE BORED!!”

CBS: What are your kids into? Tell us a funny story about each of them.

MN: “My daughter loves horses. She wants to own her own horse, so she’s currently saving up money so she can buy one. We went on the internet so I could show her how much horses cost and that it would take her awhile to save up to buy one.

Unfortunately, because of the economic downturn, there were many horses online for FREE or only a few hundred dollars. Michaela was very excited. ‘SEE MOM!! We can get a horse for FREE!’ So I had to then change strategy and explain that even with a free horse, it’s expensive to keep one with the cost of food, stable, vet bills, etc. She’s not deterred and is determined to own her own horse.

My son loves trains and the Wii or DS games. We only allow them to play the Wii or DS on the weekends. Many Monday nights, Cooper will ask, ‘Is tomorrow the weekend yet?’ Then every Friday he’ll cheerfully exclaim, ‘IT’S FUN FRIDAY!!'”

CBS: You play openly gay character, Camile Wray, in Stargate Universe. Are you proud to play a gay person and to represent a minority group? Do you receive support from the gay community?

MN: “I’m proud to be playing a well-written and complex role. Camile Wray is a gay Asian woman with a high ranking position in the government among mostly powerful men.

I have received great support from the gay community and really appreciate that! But I am playing a role, not a role model. Camile can go in many directions depending on the situations and I hope to honor the storytelling of the character. She can turn to the darkside due to some plot point. I’m not limiting where she can go!”

CBS: Your ethnicity is also underrepresented in films and TV. Would you like to see more diversity in both arenas?

MN: “This is such an easy one. Yes, of course! It always pisses me off when I see TV series where it’s ALL caucasian characters, especially if it takes place in a major city. It’s 2010 for crying out loud!! That why I’m so proud to have been in series like ER and now SGU where there is such diversity. I thank these wonderful writers, producers and casting folks for showcasing the reality of America.”

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