MGM Finanical Woes A Possible Threat To Stargate Universe

It  appears  James Bond might not be the only franchise hurting in light of MGM Studios’ recent financial woes. According to Airlock Alpha, who spoke to an unnamed source, the cast and crew of Stargate: Universe know that their number could be up next. Though in Vancouver for the Syfy Channel, Stargate: Universe is still an MGM production.

Said the source, who works on the show, “We come in, do the best job we can, but in the end, we could be out of work tomorrow simply because of something that’s totally out of our control.”

But just because the producers decided to ditch plans for a third Bond film in the wake of MGM’s failure to find a buyer to take over the studio’s debt, doesn’t mean that Stargate: Universe is necessarily facing the same demise. Though MGM faces the daunting debt of $3.7 billion, the fact that the show is already on its second season and is part of a successful TV franchise, spells a faster return on investment than putting millions upon millions into the next Bond film might.