Lieutenant Scott Will Begin To Question His Environment

Brian J. Smith has revealed that his Stargate Universe character Matthew Scott will start to question his environment.

In an interview with SFX, Smith explained that Scott will become increasingly uncomfortable with the power held by Colonel Young (Justin Louis).

“The way my grandma would say, he’s got a good heart,” Smith said. “He’s really got a really good heart. But you kind of saw at the end of season one, he starts arguing. Not arguing, but questioning Colonel Young.”

Smith explained that Scott will feel obligated to address Colonel Young about his behaviour.

He said: “Not because he’s trying to be contrary, but merely because you’re seeing this man who’s got everyone’s lives in his hands and he’s doing some things, engaging in what looks like torture, and making some pretty unilateral decisions that affect everybody’s lives and put a lot of people in danger.

“And I think Scott, as much as he doesn’t want to, feels he has to confront him for that.”