Joe Flanigan Flexes His Writing Talents

Sundance is officially in full swing and Shock is pounding the snowy pavement (and it is snowy here) for scoops. In talking with actor Kevin Sorbo tonight (who has the spoof Meet the Spartans coming out soon) at an after-party, he revealed a werewolf film he recently toplined was picked up by the Weinstein brothers.

The picture is called The House Next Door, and yes, Genius Entertainment is handling DVD distribution, meaning it may well fall under the Dimension Extreme banner. Story details are zilch but “House” was directed by sci-fi TV vet Brenton Spencer (“Stargate: Atlantis”), John Sheppard (Ripper 2: Letter from Within) penned the script.

Sorbo’s co-stars include Nina Dobrev, Peter Stebbings, Sean O’Neill and Billy Otis. A release date is unknown at this time.

News Article Courtesy of shock Till You Drop