Gatecon 2010 Update

Gatecon 2010 has already been confirmed as official with a start date for the popular convention of July 8th 2010. But now hot off the press the Gatecon organisers have released a spectacular line-up of guests and ticket pricing information.

Here is the official Gatecon 2010 announcement:


Gatecon tickets will go on sale on Saturday 18th July at 6am (PDT). Gatecon 10 will feature a single ticket type, unlike previous years. There will be a number of special add-ons available to ALL ticket holders on a first come – first served basis. Details of those add-ons will be released shortly.

Ticket Price: US$249

Seating: Seating will be strictly assigned by ticket number. If you wish to sit with friends, it is recommended that you purchase together or at the same time.

ADD-ON Upgrades

Banquet: US$70

Meet & Greet: We are currently looking at more entertaining options to the standard Meet & Greet evening. Information and price (if any) will be announced soon.


When it come to value for money, Gatecon still gives you more bang-for-your-buck when it comes to our guests line-ups. It’s only early days, but we are announcing 11 guests who have accepted our invitation to attend Gatecon 10 (pending commitments and contractual arrangements).

Teryl Rothery
JR Bourne
Colin Cunningham
Doug Abrahams
Dylan Neal
Bruce Woloshyn (Rainmaker Digital)
Barry Campbell
Jerry Rector
Tony Amendola
Sabine Bauer
Vanessa Angel

We are also in talks with 2 very special ‘Stargate’ guests who we hope to announce soon, and we have word from many more stars that have expressed interest in attending Gatecon. Needless to say, expect our guest list to be one of the biggest gathering of Stargate stars under one ceiling, and a few of our other Sci-Fi friends are going to drop by as well for a MEGA – Super Sunday Signing Session (SSSS) to meet the fans face to face.