Farewell To Atlantis In Official Magazine

The official Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis magazine bids farewell to the Atlantis team with the second part of an exclusive on the set visit during the final two days of filming on ‘Enemy at the Gate’.

Featured below is an excerpt from the latest official magazine:



Having graced our screens for over a decade as Stargate SG-1’s Samantha Carter, actress Amanda Tapping made the leap into her own show earlier this year. In the latest issue of The Official Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Magazine, the sci-fi icon talks leaving Atlantis, comfort zones and vertigoÅ 



As the Athosian Halling, actor Christopher Heyerdahl never gave any hint of the creepy within ­ and then Todd came along. In the latest issue, the man behind everyone’s favorite Wraith talks about his multi-dimensional character: “I’ve always said that Todd feels a brother in Sheppard. And Sheppard is the kind of guy that won’t acknowledge it publicly. He said things when they spent time together in that little cell that he would only say in private. In public, Sheppard’s always saying, ‘I don’t like that guy, I don’t trust that guy.’ He protests too much ­ he’s Lady Macbeth, right?”


In the latest issue’s celebration of all things Atlantis, we present original ­ and visually stunning ­ artwork from season five, courtesy of Production Designer extraordinaire, James Robbins. Believe us, this is one image gallery you won’t want to miss!

Plus, keeping the focus on the making of the show, we talk to visual effects guru Mark Savela about the first half of season five ­ his hardest Atlantis challenge yet!


Can we interest you in a one-way trip to the Pegasus Galaxy? In the latest issue of The Official Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Magazine, we take you back to July 16, 2004, and the start of a beautiful friendship. Do you remember when John Sheppard first twinkled onto our screens in Rising, the Stargate: Atlantis feature length pilot? We bring back all the memories of a major television event with our comprehensive episode guide

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