Exclusive Interview With Alaina Huffman

With the official launch of Stargate Universe only days away the online promotion and advertising mill is currently in overdrive. Multiple new videos, spoilers and cast interviews are flying off the press shelf almost on a daily basis.

In this latest interview by Alaina Huffman she discusses the personal challenges of entering a popular science fiction series and much more.

You can read an excerpt of the interview below:

CinemaSpy: Tell us about your character, and what role that character plays in the ensemble that makes up Stargate Universe.

I play Tamara Johansen. She’s a first lieutenant in the Air Force. She’s also a medic and she’s part of what is a special ops mission. We’re on the Icarus base and we wind up — literally — getting thrown aboard the Destiny and we’re along for the journey. We’re on the far side of the universe and she, by default, becomes the most medically inclined person, so is responsible for everyone’s health and well-being. Of course, that’s a little overwhelming. She has little vulnerabilities as well, but she’s a strong, capable, intelligent woman.

CinemaSpy: You’ve been shooting for a few months, what are your impressions. Are you feeling good about what’s going on?

We have the best producers. They are right there on the same lot as us, which is more than you can say for a lot of shows, they come by the stage all the time, and they’re always telling us, “We saw the latest cut and your performance was great and the scripts are great and the show is coming along.” It’s wonderful to hear that. I think all of us feel really blessed to be here. The scripts that are coming out keep getting better and better and the story lines and characters are really rounding out and filling out.

CinemaSpy: What aspirations do you have for the series?

I hope we go a few years. That’s always nice, to have a job for a few years. I think we’re a little spoiled. I don’t know anybody else who can go to Comic -Con with a first show that doesn’t air for months and pack 5,000 people in a room. It’s amazing, and Brad [Wright] and Robert [Cooper]; I’m so impressed with them I thought they were phenomenal in handling the panel.

CinemaSpy: How familiar were you with Stargate?

I wasn’t. I knew of it, of course, and I actually auditioned for Atlantis and SG-1 at various points in my acting career, either for recurring characters or guest stars, so I knew what it was, but I didn’t watch the show.

CinemaSpy: One of the things that both Robert Cooper and Brad Wright have talked about is that there’s no “big bad” on this show. What is it like to play within a genre show like this, where the evil, or the badness, comes from within the characters?

I think it’s very real. The characters have both good and evil qualities, and I think that’s just human nature. It’s really about us dealing with situations. There is going to be — and I want to reassure the Stargate fans — there is that big, epic thing that happens every week and there is gunfire and aliens. There is all of that, but ultimately it’s really about how we deal with it and how we, as individuals and characters, interact with each other and ultimately survive together in this circumstance.

You can read the full length interview here courtesy of cinemaspy »