Exclusive David Blue Interview In 31st Stargate Magazine

The latest issue of Stargate Magazine features an exclusive interview with David Blue. In the following extract, the actor talks about playing the brains of the outfit in Stargate Universe, computer whiz Eli Wallace…

“Eli knows he’s smart,” explains Blue. “He’s not a genius in that he was born an Einstein, but he can figure things out and see patterns in things. One of the reasons I think he has a good sense of humor is that he can see patterns in the world and find the humor in certain things. That’s who Eli is, and because he applied his intelligence to random things, he never truly found his way. He dropped out of MIT and had a whole bunch of stuff in his life that took precedence.

“People ask me about my character being a videogame geek, and Brad and Robert may disagree, but I’m a huge fan of Eli not being a videogame geek. It’s just that he enjoys challenges. If he sees a challenge, like in the occasional videogame, and someone tells him he can’t beat it, he’s like, ‘Screw that, I’m, going to beat it.’

“So that’s where my character started from. As for where Eli is at now, well, as a kid I liked Star Trek: The Next Generation and like any sci-fi fan, I had that little fantasy that one day Riker [Jonathan Frakes] would ‘beam’ into my living room and go, ‘Yes, it’s real.’ That’s essentially what happens to Eli. All this stuff that he joked about with his friends as being real, and hoped was real, is, in fact, out there. So for the first few episodes of Universe everything with him is, ‘Oh, my God,’ and then life and death struggles ensue. I think we’re at the point with the episode we’re filming now [Time] where Eli is starting to accept that this is his family now. These are the people who he not only needs to rely on, but must somehow convince to rely on him. For that, he has to find his place.”

Read the full interview in issue 31 of The Official Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/SGU Magazine, on newsstands now!

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