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Harry Maybourne ("It's Good To Be King")

Stargate SG-1: “It’s Good To Be King”

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You’ve just turned on a random episode of Stargate SG-1 … is this one about alien bugs, or a parallel universe, or an ethical dilemma? Are the Asgard looking for help, or has someone captured Daniel again? After a few minutes he turns up: Colonel Harry Maybourne.

Yep, this is going to be a good one.

After starting out as a one-note villain, Maybourne evolved to become one of our favorite recurring characters. Played by veteran Vancouver actor Tom McBeath, Maybourne had a remarkable journey of his own over the course of eight seasons on the show. In our latest rewatch guide we’ll help you revisit every single Harry Maybourne episode to relive the journey from the N.I.D. to King Arkhan the First!

Ready to start that famous “beer and mustard” diet? Here’s the watch list from Stargate SG-1:



Colonel Maybourne is a pretty one-dimensional bad guy in his introduction. SG-1 rescues a group of refugees from a dying world, and discovers that their guests — the Tollan — are technologically far advanced beyond Earth. They want to help Narim and his people reunite with their people, but Maybourne shows up as the new head of the N.I.D. who is demanding to take the aliens into custody.



Teal’c’s misfortune is apparently good news for Maybourne, who sees it as an opportunity to study the Jaffa up-close — as well as the alien insect venom that is slowly transforming Teal’c’s body. This time Maybourne gets what he wants … except an ailing and delirious Teal’c breaks out during transport, and goes on the run.



This get very interesting for the N.I.D.’s storyline when SG-1 discovers that the normally Earth-bound intelligence agency might be running covert, unsanctioned missions off-world. The team has to track down a stolen alien weather device that is now somewhere on Earth, and the hunt leads them straight to Maybourne’s doorstep at Area 51.



When aliens infiltrate the S.G.C. and use their technology to pose as General Hammond, Dr. Fraiser, and even members of SG-1, it’s up to Captain Carter to escape the base and go for help. Who does she turn to? None other than Colonel Maybourne, who is normally suspicious of everything alien and hyperactive about taking things into custody … but not so much this time. (Why couldn’t he just take one day off!?)


Shades of Grey

After stealing tech from the Tollan and being forced out of the program, Jack O’Neill learns that what he has long suspected is true: Maybourne is commanding a rogue operation, communicating with off-world agents to steal weapons and tech from Earth’s allies. And he wants Jack to be his latest recruit.



Maybourne’s past deeds are catching up with him, and O’Neill and Teal’c find him in the least likely of places: frozen solid inside a kitchen freezer in Siberia. Maybourne has been helping the Russians set up their own Stargate program in secret, and let’s just say that things have gone very, very badly.


Chain Reaction

This one is a major turning point for Harry’s character: dishonorably discharged and put in prison for his crimes, Maybourne doesn’t have much of a future … until Colonel O’Neill turns up asking for his help. The N.I.D. (and the powerful people who call the shots in secret) are up to their dirty tricks again, this time blackmailing General Hammond so they can replace him with a stooge. Jack springs Maybourne to help undo it, and their relationship takes a surprisingly fun turn!


Desperate Measures

Samantha Carter is kidnapped off the street by a wealthy businessman who is desperate to study her physiology (as someone who was once host to a Tok’ra). The police have no leads, the S.G.C. can’t make headway through official channels … and so Jack turns to his old “friend,” the fugitive Maybourne, to help him find his teammate. Starsky and Hutch have nothing on this duo.


48 Hours

This time it’s Teal’c’s life on the line, as a malfunction with the Stargate leaves him trapped inside its systems. While the new N.I.D. head Colonel Simmons throws his weight around, Jack goes to Maybourne for help figuring out what the real agenda is — and who might know enough about the gate to save Teal’c before time runs out.


Paradise Lost

After two years living on the lam Maybourne comes in from the cold, visiting the S.G.C. with an offer that he knows they can’t refuse: the key to a supposed treasure trove of advanced alien technology. Harry gets himself on the mission, and seizes the opportunity to escape to what he thinks will be an alien utopia — with Jack accidentally along for the ride. But the two are about to get more than they bargained for.


It's Good to Be King

SG-1 visits the planet where the Tok’ra were nice enough to help Harry Maybourne retire. He’s living his best life as part of a simple village, where his intelligence and ingenuity have prompted them to appoint him their new leader: King Arkhan the First! But things get dicey when the Goa’uld show up to conquer the planet.

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