Elyse Levesque On Character Dynamics And Personal Developments

With the official launch of Stargate Universe only 48 hours away the online promotion and advertising mill is currently in overdrive. Multiple new videos, spoilers and cast interviews are flying off the press shelf almost on a daily basis.

In this latest interview by Elyse Levesque she discusses the dynamics between cast members and how her character has developed through the first season of Stargate Universe.

You can read an excerpt of the interview below:

How familiar were you with the Stargate franchise before taking the role?

I’d heard of it. Being in Vancouver, it’s one of the biggest shows shot here. I’d heard a lot about it but I didn’t follow it.

How does your character fit with the ensemble that makes up Stargate Universe?

My character on the show is a young woman named Chloe Armstrong. She is the resident fish-out-of-water. She comes from a very different lifestyle than a lot of the other Destiny crewmembers. She’s the daughter and aid of a United States senator. She went to Harvard Law and majored in political science, and I think much of her life ran with the popular crowd, tried to fit the perceived persona of a senator’s daughter. So when she comes on board the Destiny she’s very much out of her element. None of the people were meant to be there, but at least they come equipped with a skill or mindset that allows them to deal with the situation. Chloe is just out of her element. For her it’s a shock to the system. She has personal things which happen to her that she has to overcome and deal with and she needs to find a way to make herself useful on board the ship. Which is a huge issue for her, this sense of uselessness.

Have the writers created a situation where the skill set that she does have comes into play?

You bet. She went to Harvard, so she’s very politically savvy, and certain events occur on the ship and she is called upon to step up.

You’ve been shooting for a few months, how has the cast come together?

What’s special about this situation is I feel like we hit the ground running right off the bat. We just jived, immediately. It’s a big crew and all of our recurring actors are fantastic and make the show even greater. We all just — fortunately — bonded instantly, and I think that lent itself to the characters and the show.

It’s one of the things the Stargate shows have always benefitted from: savvy casting.

Everyone’s very well cast. Some people are going to kill me for saying this, but some of them are very much like their characters. Some of them not at all. Jamil Walker Smith is nothing like his character. He’s not like Ronald Greer at all but that just goes to show he’s a really talented guy.

You can read the full in-depth interview here »