Diamond Select Toys Considering An End To Stargate Figurines?

Stargate figurine collectors may have seen the last of the 7” collectables according to producer Diamond Select Toys who have put future releases on an indefinite hold.

“There is a chance you have seen the last of the 7-inch figures from DST,” a rep told fans in a recent Q&A. “We’re not ready to say that but it is possible. Unless something happens to change buyers’ feelings, it’s just not something we can justify in this environment. ”

Since 2006 DST (Diamond Select Toys) has released four series of the popular Stargate SG1 and three series of Atlantis. The next series of figurines including, General George Hammond, Baal, and an Anubis Guard, have already been sculpted but are still pending a release.

The future of the line is in doubt, and whether the last series will ever reach store shelves remains to be seen.