David Hewlett Says Stargate Franchise Isnt Dead

David Hewlett has said that the demise of Stargate Universe isn’t the end for the franchise.

For fans not familiar with Stargate Atlantis, David played the character Dr. Rodney McKay on spin-off series Stargate Atlantis and has also made guest appearances on SG1 and Stargate Universe. SyFy has already announced it has not commissioned a third series of Stargate Universe because of low ratings, and the planned DVD Movies of Atlantis and SG1 are unlikely to happen due to the crash in the DVD Marker, however Hewlett still thinks the franchise has a future.

“I think Stargate is the perfect franchise to apply to the multi-platform model i know they were trying to get games going and stuff, but it was a victim, I think, to the big shake-up at MGM…….It would seem very foolish to me to let it go that easily….At the very least, I would hope to see some kind of movies, whether they’re SGU movies or Atlantis movies or SG-1….”

The producers of Stargate Universe have promised their fans they are looking at wasy of continuing the series in some form or another. Moving the spin-off to another broadcaster has been pretty much ruled out by the possibility of television movies – perhaps incorporating SG1 and Atlantis has been raised by executive producer Joseph Mallozi.