David Blue Why One Syfy Series Isn’t Enough

While chatting about his starring role in the upcoming series Stargate Universe, actor David Blue revealed his interest in working on a few of the other shows on Syfy. Blue is a longtime fan of the Stargate world, and he told us how thrilled he is to work with some of the stars of the earlier series.

When we brought up Amanda Tapping, who played Maj. Samantha Carter on both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis, Blue told us how amazing she is to work with. He said he would love to appear on both her current show, Sanctuary, and a show she frequently appears on, Ghost Hunters.

“First of all, I’m a huge sci-fi geek, and there are very few shows that I wouldn’t want to do something on … [Sanctuary] seems like a fun show. Especially with the way they shoot. And I actually got to pick her brain about it. And I keep meaning to ask her what it was like to be on Ghost Hunters. I would love to do that! It would be so cool! I watched her on the season finale, and it was so cool. I keep dropping the hint when I talk to Syfy. … Sanctuary would be fun … they have a great vibe.”

News article courtesy of SyFy Wire