David Blue Dreams Of Making Ugly Betty Come Back

David Blue has admitted in a recent interview with popular online media portal Digital Spy that he dreams of making a comeback to the Ugly Betty family.

Blue announced that he’s hoping to make a comeback on the ABC dramedy. He’s currently starring on Syfy’s Stargate Universe, but getting a break from there may mean he’ll be reprising his role as Marc St. James’ love interest.

David Blue already approached the people behind Ugly Betty about his concerns, and if things start looking up we know what to expect. Could season four get its dose of Cliff?

“I’ve always felt from the beginning that I would love any opportunity to go back,” the 30-year-old star declared. “I think Cliff is a really important character and he’s great fun to play. I love working with that cast too.”

He added how he feels about the story between Marc and Cliff, and how it needs to unfold as the series progresses. Michael Urie’s character may have flings here and there, but he’s always found a good man in Cliff. Fans certainly hope that it’s not over between them.

“Cliff and Mark’s relationship is a story that deserves to be told,” Blue said. “There have been talks here and there about coming back, but it’s never quite worked out.”

His role as Cliff definitely earned him praise, which is only an added bonus to his desire to return. David Blue already expressed his joy at just being with the cast and developing the character, but success is something difficult to ignore.

“I hope that at some point during my hiatus that we can work something out because I’d play for as long as they’d let me!” the actor exclaimed. If we join him in begging for Cliff to come back, maybe those writers could work him into the story somehow?

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