Dan Elggren On Stargate Worlds Production

Dan Elggren who works on the team brining everyone the up and coming Stargate Worlds the game recently sat down for an interview to keep the gaming world up to date on all the latest happenings wit this highly anticipated and forth coming game.

Here is an excerpt of the interview.

Q: How’s development on the game coming along?

Dan Elggren: It’s pretty good. We’ve been inviting beta users on a regular basis, trying to get our stress testing up, to test the servers, the game and all that stuff, and then onto closed beta for more gameplay feedback.

Q: How are you approaching the rollout of the game between the US and Europe?

Dan Elggren: Well, the Stargate brand I think is very strong in Europe – in terms of localisation we’re trying a couple of different languages for rollout. For us, working in the UK is fairly easy, and the servers – and the pings for those servers – should be pretty powerful, and they’ll be ultimately able to service all the different European countries.

Q: There are huge benefits to working with a big license like Stargate, but it can be a double edged sword sometimes as well – what’s it been like working with the licensor on this project?

Dan Elggren: MGM and the boys up in Vancouver have actually been very powerful to work with. I’ve worked with a bunch of different licensees in the past on different products, and they’re usually more of a hindrance on the game process than a benefit.

But here they’ve actually been a huge benefit, because they’ll give us the IP, the strength, and we were just able to mould it into a game and ultimately make a great game first and secondary to that is adding Stargate on top.

From their perspective, they’re looking at the new stories, the new worlds that we’re building and realising they can put that back into their future movies or TV shows, and it just expands that whole IP into something more powerful.

So when the game comes out we want it to be another leg of the table for the Stargate franchise, to really hold it up and make it stronger. That’s really where they’ve really looked at it as well – Brad Wright and Robert Cooper have been very supportive, their comments and feedback has been a positive, open, collaborative effort.

You can access the full interview here