Stargate Archive Content Expantion

The Stargate Archive team are currently looking at expanding the content that we offer to each and everyone of our valued visitors, you. We are currently planning to launch a Biographies section where we will list all the biographies for key members of Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG1, along with the up and coming Stargate … Read more

RSS Feed Expantion

As of today we have expanded our collection of RSS feeds to include every single news category within the Journal. You can now for example subscribe to read only the latest news from Interviews in any RSS feed reader. To find a feed simply click the RSS feed icon in your chosen browser when viewing … Read more

RSS Feed Expantion

As of today we have expanded our News Headline RSS feed to also include the latest updates to the site, this will allow all of our subscribers the ability to be kept constantly updated on all the latest and newest additions to the site as and when they are published. This new service will also … Read more

Photo Galleries Are Completely Overhauled

We have just completed an overhaul of our image galleries. In order to improve performance and make it even easier for visitors to access our vast collection of screen captures, cast photos, behind the scenes footage and much more. All of our images will now be automatically re-sized to fit your screens resolution and will … Read more

Multimedia Section Re-Launched

We’ve just finished the re-launch of our multimedia section, paying special focus to our video collection. It is now easier than ever to access video interviews, teaser trailers, exclusive clips, music videos and much much more all from one place. Our You Tube player has also been further integrated into our multimedia sections. Were planning … Read more

Stargate Continuum Screen Capture Errors

We have recently been made aware that there are a number of errors within our collection of  Continuum screen captures. These errors have now been fixed and full functionality has been restored to our collection of  Continuum screen captures. The Atlantis Archive team would like to personally  thank Liliana for advising us on the errors.

Stargate SG1 Screen Captures

In response to visitor feedback, the Atlantis Archive are planning to launch our very own collection of Stargate SG1 screen captures which will extensively cover every episode from Season  1 to Season 10. We are expecting these screen captures to be live on the site within the next month, however we are aiming to have … Read more