Caryle Teases Stargate Universe Season Two

Stargate Universe star Robert Carlyle has revealed details of the show’s forthcoming second season.

The actor has recently been quoted as say  Dr Nicholas Rush would continue to scheme and keep secrets from the rest of the crew.

“Rush is still at it in the second season, but even more so this time.” he said.

The first season saw the show’s characters trapped aboard the Destiny, an Ancient starship that they were unable to control. Carlyle confirmed that Rush will find the bridge of the Destiny early in the new season and will begin piloting the ship.

“Not only has he discovered the bridge, but he knows how to fly the thing,” he explained. “He’s steering it around. [But the other characters] don’t know that.”

Carlyle revealed that the crew of the Destiny will discover the truth in the seventh episode of the season.

“Rush and Young (Louis Ferreira) go investigate an abandoned alien craft which is just outside the Destiny,” he said. “When they’re over there, it hits the fan back on [the Destiny]. They find the bridge. They find Rush is responsible for all this stuff.”

Carlyle recently confirmed that he is keen to remain on the show in the future.