Build Your Own Stargate Z.P.M. or Gate Room

Zero Point Module (BlueBrixx)


Here’s a new way to enjoy Stargate (and maybe share it with your kids): a buildable Zero Point Module, coming later this year from BlueBrixx alongside the company’s previously revealed S.G.C. Gate Room set.

The German toy brick maker has unveiled the box art for the Z.P.M., including the final look of the device first revealed back in February. Pre-orders will begin soon for the LEGO-compatible set, which comes with 1,273 pieces ready to assemble.

The set even includes an LED light module that will let you illuminate your completed Z.P.M. via a USB connector! Take a look:

Zero Point Module (BlueBrixx)Zero Point Module (BlueBrixx)

BlueBrixx has also just released a new video with another look at the S.G.C. Gate Room set, also coming soon. That includes the Gate Room with removable walls, the Stargate itself (with pieces for both active and inactive chevrons, as well as an event horizon for an active gate), and familiar pieces like the M.A.L.P. and U.A.V.. It will also come with BlueBrixx’s first Stargate minifigures — the original four members of the SG-1 team, complete with patches on both arms, a zat’ni’katel design on the leg, and multiple weapon accessories.

The Stargate brick sets are available from BlueBrixx’s Web site, which does ship internationally.

BlueBrixx just started releasing its officially licensed Stargate line this year, with ten other sets available now — from the F-302 and Prometheus to an Asgard mothership and a Jack O’Neill figure. See them all in GateWorld’s brand new BlueBrixx page in our Toys & Games section!

Thanks to Marton for the tip!

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