Brian J Smith Promises Exciting New Season

Stargate Universe star Brian J. Smith has revealed that there are some exciting developments in store for his character Matthew Scott in the second season.

The actor told GateWorld that he is excited by the path his character is taking.

He said: “[Where] they’re taking him in the second season is really, really exciting, because there’s some qualities that are coming out in him that I really, really like and I’m glad to see explored.

“Scott is an emotional leader. I think his leadership style is much more emotional, so he’s much more bound to be loyal. He may also be more impulsive in a way, tend to get a little more hot-headed. But he’s learning.”

Smith also expressed his hopes that the Scott character would begin having a stronger impact on the programme’s storylines.

“[It’s] going to be interesting to see if Scott gets to a place where decisions that he makes start to affect storylines, and if he’s able to change the course of an episode or how things turn out. That’ll be exciting to see.”

Executive producers Brad Wright and Rob Cooper previously revealed that the second season of the show would be “very dark”.

The new season of Stargate Universe will premiere on September 28 on Syfy