Atlantis Archive Launches User Generated Content

In our continuing efforts to provide a high quality, friendly, and reliable service the Atlantis Archive has today launched our user generated content services.

What are you user generated content services we hear you ask?

Well as part of our online portal we also offer all fans of the show the ability to read fictional stories, interviews, fan encounters, and much, much more. We’d love to feature your works hear on the Atlantis Archive. You can easily submit any type of article you like to us ¬†for inclusion on the site. As soon as we receive them they will be added directly to our Online Library.

Were also in the process of expanding our links section, so if you have a web site that you would like to see added you can easily submit them to us, quickly and conveniently online.

The Atlantis Archive team are always looking for ways to further enrich the services and information that you are looking for. This latest addition is just one of many we have planned to allow for greater interactivity on the site.