Advanced Searching For News Articles Is Now Even Easier

Have you ever visited the Stargate Archive and thought to myself I can see all the latest news headlines on the sites front page or the five latest headlines in the Journal but are there more news articles to ready?

The answer is yes.

We’re always busy adding new news articles to keep our loyal readers up to date on the Stargate Franchise, as such things move quickly here at the Stargate Archive’s online Journal.

Many other fan sites post new news headlines on any given day but 99% of the time the Stargate Archive has already reported this information several days if not weeks before.

As of today we are pleased to announce that we have enhanced the way our internal search process works, which will allow you to find all the news articles you could possibly searching for within our archives.

A quick example of some news articles which might be of interest to you but aren’t prominently visible when you visit are:

Michael Shanks joining the Stargate Universe premiere
Amanda Tapping’s season two of Sanctuary
The up and coming Stargate Worlds

and many, many more.

To begin searching for older news articles all you need to do is enter a search term to the left and our database will retrieve all possible news articles that may be of interest to you.