A Stargate Universe Key Question Season One Round Up

With the first half of Season One having finished airing in all major distribution channels, we’re pleased to bring to you a 101 round-up of a few key questions that many fans have been asking

Has Destiny been travelling through one Galaxy for all of Season One?

To date all of Season One has seen Destiny travelling through one Galaxy

How far can the wheel Stargate’s reach?

The wheel looking Stargate’s are completely different when compared with the Stargate’s from the Milky Way Galaxy and Pegasus Galaxy.

The older models only have a limited range, and therefore are unable to dial the full galactic network.

Will the Destiny ever travel to another Galaxy why our team are on board?

The Destiny will in fact travel to another galaxy during the course of Season One, this is due to be covered in the episode entitled ‘Sabotage’

Are there actually going to be some exciting space battles?

The Destiny is due to have its first real life space battle in the first episode back of Season One