A Global Ratings Round-up Of The Stargate Universe Premiere

With the season premiere of Stargate Universe having aired in many countries around the world the official ratings are in for the first two episodes of the season Air Part One and Two.

In the United States of America the premiere drew in 2.35million viewers with an average household rating of 1.7.

North of the border in Canada “Air” Parts 1 and 2 drew a collective audience of 565,000 viewers on Friday night, when it premiered simultaneous with the Syfy’s Channel broadcast in the United States of America, Two additional broadcasts on Saturday brought the viewer audience up to 2.3 million.

Stargate Universe also received an exceptionally warm welcome in the United Kingdom on Tuesday night pulling in an impressive 865,000 viewers for the two hour premiere and 265,000 viewers for Stargate Universe: Access All Areas.

Further global ratings and audience viewership are expected to continue trickling in over the coming weeks.

If you haven’t already seen the premiere of Stargate Universe you can review our comprehensive global television schedule to find out when the episodes will be airing near you.