We are Back

We are excited to announce that we have fully restored the Stargate Archive after taking the site offline when the show ended with Stargate Univerise.

With all the news surrounding the possibility of a new spin off stargate series or a reboot of some of the origianls now that Amazon have taken over MGM, we decided it was time to bring back the once popular Stargate Archive, and well hear we are.

We have relaunched and re-coded everything from the ground up, uploaded all our old content and integrated everything into concise sections making WordPress the focus. All our old media has been restored and remastered into 720p for video content that we host directly instead of on our YouTube Channel.

We were considering re-designing the site, but the current design has served us well since 2007 so we gave everything alick of paint, and updated the fonts including the sizing and coding to bring everything upto scratch. Even our Screen Captures have been updated with the latest lightbox coding, we havent however increased the image quality of the screencaptures, mainly because we no longer have access to the media movie files we previously used on DVD to do this. But they are still great quality.

Our old and legacy content will remain online, but we will be launching all new content exclusively inside wordpress so the legacy pages will remain as they are, and all new content will be here.

We will be brigning new news and content to the site overtime, and we welcome anyone who would like to join the team to publish new news content. If you are interested then please contact us.