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Search and Rescue
After a conflict with Michael leaves several Atlantis personnel trapped, Colonel Carter leads a rescue mission unaware that Michael is still nearby
The Seed
When an alien organism triggers a quarantine and incapacitates Dr. Keller, the team revives an old friend from stasis for help
Broken Ties
Ronon once again comes face-to-face with Tyre, one of his people who became a Wraith worshiper -- but who now claims he has broken free of their influence
The Deadalus Variations
The team investigates when the Earth ship Daedalus shows up abandoned in orbit
Ghost In The Machine
The city of Atlantis becomes host to the minds of disembodied Replicators, led by someone very close to the team
The Shrine
Rodney McKay is stricken with a mental affliction that robs him of his knowledge and memories, causing him to revert to a childlike state
After R & R back on Earth DrCarson Beckett returns to Atlantis, upon his return he joins a team investigating a hidden Wraith laboratoryCould they have finally caught up with Michael?
The Queen
Teyla goes in disguise as a Wraith queen when Todd seeks the team's help securing an alliance with another Wraith hive
The team comes to the aid of a village under Wraith threat, but Ronon and McKay must rescue one of their own when DrKeller is kidnapped
First Contact
Daniel Jackson visits the city of Atlantis to research an Ancient scientist who once lived there
The Lost Tribe
Sheppard must race to save McKay and Daniel Jackson from an Ancient laboratory before Todd, who has hijacked an Earth battle cruiser, gets there first
A new coalition of human worlds puts the Atlantis team on trial for their alleged crimes against the Pegasus Galaxy
When the Wraith threaten a group of refugees resettled by Atlantis, the team must convince the planet's original residents not to hand over the newcomers
The Prodigal
The team fights to retake control of Atlantis when the control room is infiltrated by an old enemy
Sheppard is captured by an enemy he thought was dead, while Atlantis discovers the existence of an ancient alien species on their new home planet
Brain Storm
Rodney reluctantly returns to Earth to witness the triumph of his rival, but must help shut down a deadly weather device when the new technology goes horribly awry
After a Wraith hive ship shows up over Atlantis transmitting a distress call, the team discovers that its crew has been stricken with a disease they helped create
Dr. Keller's body is taken over by a cunning thief, who uses the situation to try and acquire advanced technology from Atlantis
In the city of Las Vegas, Detective John Sheppard must solve the case on a long string of unusual murders
Enemy At The Gate
The team learns that a rogue Wraith has acquired several Z.P.M.s to power a formidable new hive ship -- and he is headed for Earth

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