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Apr 01 2011

Free Stargate Downloads on iTunes

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There are currently two free episodes of Stargate Universe available for download in HD on iTunes right now. MGM has temporarily made the two season premieres available for download from Season 1 and Season 2 “Air Part 1” and “Intervention”.

Not only can you download these episodes free of charge, but now you can download all 15 full seasons of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis and the Stargate Movies, the full seasons are $29.99 for high definition copes, and $20.99 for standard definition.

Head over to iTunes now

Aug 22 2010

Propworx Announces Stargate Live Auction

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Propworx has announced their very first official Stargate live auction, the event will be held at the famous Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, Washington on Saturday and Sunday September the 25th and 26th 2010.

A special preview day is due to take place on Friday the 24th September.

The auction is the first in a planned series of two events, featuring content from both the Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis sets.

More than 850 lots of props, costumes, set decoration and original production art will be featured at the first of the events.

Among the items for sale is the SG-1 travel Stargate, pictured above (DHD and FRED not included), the last fully articulating Asgard puppet created for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, and the Briefing Room table! Numerous other items will be announced in the days to come.

Stick with the Stargate Archive for more updates as and when they are announced.

Aug 01 2010

Stargate SG1 Nerus Actor Maury Chaykin Sadly Passes Away

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Character actor Maury Chaykin, a familiar face known equally for volatile comic performances in WarGames to Entourage as for playing the titular detective in A&E’s A Nero Wolfe Story, sadly passed away on the 27th July on his 61st birthday.

Chaykin was born and raised in New York but moved to Toronto shortly after college, where he began a film and television career that spanned more than 150 credits. Taking on Rex Stout’s portly genius detective Nero Wolfe—a part he first assayed in 2000’s The Golden Spiders: A Nero Wolfe Mystery—was one of Chaykin’s few lead roles, casting him opposite Timothy Hutton as Archie Goodwin, although he also earned critical raves (and Canada’s Genie Award) starring as a burned-out, Brian Wilson-like rock star in 1994’s Whale Music

Stargate fans will remember him for his gluttonous character Nerus in Stargate SG1, who soon become a thorn in the side of SG1.

Our thoughts go out to his family during this difficult time.

Jun 27 2010

Robert C Cooper Departs The Stargate Franchise

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Robert C Cooper is one of the leading men behind the entire Stargate Franchise, hes been with the franchise since Stargate SG1’s first season and its a sad day to hear that he will no longer be working behind the scenes on Stargate.

Here is the official entry from Joseph Mallozzi

A short and early blog entry today as I’m heading off to the first stop in Robert C. Cooper’s farewell victory tour. ”What’s that?” you say.

You didn’t know he was leaving? Well, yes. Sad but true. His appearance at this year’s Comic Con panel will mark his final Stargate-related contribution, so if you happen to be in the San Diego area in late July, make sure to say goodbye and thank him for fourteen years and countless hours of gate-tastic entertainment. But, please – no tears.

If you start crying it’ll only be a matter of time before he starts crying as well (the ole softy) and that’ll just embarrass him.

Mar 08 2010

Diamond Select Toys Considering An End To Stargate Figurines?

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Stargate figurine collectors may have seen the last of the 7” collectables according to producer Diamond Select Toys who have put future releases on an indefinite hold.

“There is a chance you have seen the last of the 7-inch figures from DST,” a rep told fans in a recent Q&A. “We’re not ready to say that but it is possible. Unless something happens to change buyers’ feelings, it’s just not something we can justify in this environment. ”

Since 2006 DST (Diamond Select Toys) has released four series of the popular Stargate SG1 and three series of Atlantis. The next series of figurines including, General George Hammond, Baal, and an Anubis Guard, have already been sculpted but are still pending a release.

The future of the line is in doubt, and whether the last series will ever reach store shelves remains to be seen.

Mar 05 2010

Two New Writers Join The Stargate Universe Writing Department For Season Two

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The Writing department for Stargate Universe looks set to get that just a little bit bigger for the shows second season. Writer and producer on Stargate Universe Joseph Mallozzi has confirmed the additions of Remi Aubuchon and Linda McGibney in his latest blog entry.

Remi Aubuchon comes to the Stargate from the recently launched Capirca, along with prior credits such as: 24, Summerland, The Lyon’s Den, and much more

Linda McGibley isn’t new to the realm of the Stargate Franchise having previously written episodes for the early seasons of Stargate SG1. Linda has prior credits such as: Homicide: Life on the Street, Wildfire, Summerland, and more

Mallozzi is quoted as saying:

Currently, we have information on the first 12 episodes of Season Two. Based on Mallozzi’s entries, Aubuchon is writing the script for the ninth episode, while McGibney is working with Mallozzi to bring in the mid-season two-parter. The titles of these episodes aren’t currently known, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’ll be single-worded to keep the trend going.

Feb 12 2010

The Stargate Studios Have Not Been Abandoned

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Joseph Mallozzi is a man to listen to when it comes to all things Stargate he has been a member of the production team for over 12 years, and is still working on the upcoming season two of Stargate Universe.

He believes that many fan sites and reputable news sources are weighing in heavily on the future of the Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis franchises, in particularly the fate of the long awaited movies with the wrong information being reported, or twisted slightly so that it reads as something completely different.

Joseph is quoted as saying

Many have weighed in with their assumptions on if and when the movies will be made and, at this point, given that we’ve received no official word either way, all I could add to debate is more conjecture.  Suffice it to say I’d love to see both go into production, especially Stargate: Extinction since Paul and I have already written the script and are slated to produced it. As for the sets – the SG-1 set was struck to make room for Icarus Base while other stage space has been freed up in order to create more Destiny sets (as our heroes will eventually discover cool new sections of the ship).

While the Stargate Archive team believe these moves will be produced we have to report any news regarding their production which becomes available, and will always provide relevant news sources to back these up.

Stay tuned to the Stargate Archive for further information as and when it breaks regarding the fate of the movies.

Feb 10 2010

Actor Louis Gossett Jr. Fighting Early Stages of Cancer

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Many of you will be wondering who Louis Gossett Junior is and what he has to do with the Stargate Franchise?

Louis was famed for his appearances in Season 9 of Stargate SG1 where he played the leader of the Jaffa council Gerak, who would also coincidently become a thorn in the entire free Jaffa’s side and the SGC.

It has been confirmed today that the legendary 73 year old actor is currently battling the early stage of Prostate Cancer.

Our thoughts and sympathies go out to his nearest and dearest during this difficult time.

Feb 07 2010

Michael Shanks Likes Being Compared To Watchmen

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Michael Shanks has said that he understands why fans compare his performance as Hawkman on Smallville: Absolute Justice to Watchmen.

The actor told ScifiWire that he enjoys playing such meaty roles.

“Yes, it does have the parallel of danger in it. I understand that,” he said.

“This guy’s a warrior… He’s kickass and all business, and it was a really neat departure to be able to do that. It becomes a bit scenery chewy at certain points, but those characters are a lot of fun to play, and this guy was because he was such a vast departure. It was a lot of fun for me to sink my teeth into.”

The Stargate SG1 star explained that he decided to take the role because he doesn’t think he’ll be getting many more opportunities to play superheroes.

“I’m getting to that age where I didn’t think too many offers were going to come my way to be playing any superhero characters anytime in the near future.”

He added: “My eldest daughter is getting where she appreciates that kind of stuff, and I thought it would be a hoot to give that to them. It turns out my younger ones seemed to appreciate it more than my older one does. It is one of those rare opportunities that you get, so I thought I’d jump at it.”

Feb 07 2010

Rony Cox Goes From Senator To On Stage Music Performer

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If you mention the name Ronny Cox around many people will scratch their heads and wonder who this man is, and what he has to do with the Stargate Franchise?

Well for anyone in the know will remember him for his appearance as the notorious Senator Richard Kinsey who was for his most part the annoyance of the Stargate SG1 team and the SGC for several seasons.

However it seems the budding actor isn’t content with his 120 onscreen performances alone, he is now moving to back to his original past time of music, his main genre being acoustic folk.

Cox is due to appear on stage at the Caffe C Baptist Church of the Covenant, 2117 University Blvd., Birmingham, $15, 328-0644 on February 11th marking his first onstage performance in a long time.

Ronny is extremely humbled and is quoting as saying 

What I discovered is that I do love acting, but I don’t love acting as much as the music. When you act, there’s an imaginary fourth wall; you can’t step off camera or step off the stage. But with music, there’s a possibility of profound one-on-one sharing. That opiate is one of the most powerful things on Earth.

I like playing smaller venues. When I have my druthers, they leave the house lights up. That shapes the performance, and puts you in the best of all possible worlds. By the end of the show, I like to feel that we all know each other. I don’t like performing at people. I’ve always felt that music is a dialogue. The aim for me in these shows is communication.

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