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Nov 12 2009

Stargate Revolution Is The Working Title For The Third SG1 Movie

The working title for the third Stargate SG1 movie has officially been revealed by Joseph Mallozzi, and is to be entitled ‘Stargate Revolution’.

Stargate Revolution will reunite the cast of the long-running show, including former lead Richard Anderson.

Although Stargate Extinction was given the green light by MGM back in Spring 2009 for production, MGM placed it on the back burner much as it did for its counterpart for the Stargate Atlantis movie ‘Stargate Extinction’.

The script for SG1 movie has been written by Brad Wright and Carl Binder, who are presently serving as executive producers on Stargate Universe. Brad Wright informed fans at this year’s Vancouver Stargate Convention that “I had a story idea that would bring O’Neil back in a big way, and would be set sometime between Continuum and the start of Stargate Universe”.

Jun 01 2009

Stargate Extinction to Start Filming In November?

Rachel Luttrell who plays Stargate Atlantis character Teyla Emmagan has hinted in a recent interview with SciFi now that the first Stargate Atlantis movie Stargate Extinction is set to begin filming in November.

Rachel is quoted as saying

“There’s a rumour that it’ll start shooting in November,” said Luttrell in a telephone interview on Friday evening. “That once [Stargate] Universe is done with its season production then we’ll move into it, but none of that has been confirmed.”

As this information is only speculation at present we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this article.

May 20 2009

Stargate Atlantis Movie Titled Confirmed

The previously leaked Stargate Atlantis Movie title ‘Stargate Extinction‘ has officially been confirmed as the real name for the first Atlantis Movie.

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi is confirmed as quoting in his recent blog entry:

Today, the SGA movie script, Stargate: Extinction, went out to the writing department. No one has gotten around to reading it yet but I imagine it’s just a matter of time before the accolades start rolling in.

More information is expected to follow shortly.

May 16 2009

Preliminary Stargate Atlantis Movie Title Revealed

Stargate producer and executive producer on Stargate Atlantis Joseph Mallozzi has revealed a preliminary working title for the up and coming Stargate Atlantis Movie.

The current working title is Stargate Extinction, although this hasn’t been confirmed as official by the studios developing the first film, its fantastic news for Atlantis fans, who have felt very much left out and in the dark on the up and coming movie

May 16 2009

Amanda Tapping Interview, Stargate, Sanctuary and More

The multi talented actress Amanda Tapping has taken time out of her busy producing, and acting schedule to sit down and complete an exclusive interview.

You can read an excerpt of the interview below:

Q. Do you ever get tired of people asking you about Stargate?

Amanda Tapping: No, I don’t because I’m still doing Stargate so it’s still part of my life and it’s a huge part of my career and what I’ve done. It’s hugely important to me so no, I don’t get sick of people asking me about Stargate and it’s still relatively fresh.

Q. What was your reaction to being asked to lead the Atlantis expedition?

AT: Hugely flattered, massively flattered that they would consider me for that. Then I had the question as to whether this was the right thing for me to be doing, whether Carter was the right choice to lead and Joe [Mallozzi] and Paul [Mullie] actually sat me down and came up with such a compelling argument for me. They’re so approachable. They made it so easy for me to say yes. For me it was the perfect contract, I’d had Olivia and I was able to still spend a lot of time with her and still do the show, it was only 14 episodes out of the 20 and everything about it was just “this works, this works really well”.

Q. The character changed considerably from SG1 to Atlantis, do you feel that she changed too much?

AT: I do a little bit yeah. I made a conscious choice off the top to make her out of her comfort zone, to be a leader that was about listening to her team and throwing it out to them more often than making the decisions for herself. I tried to make her as respectful in this new situation as possible and I think in doing so watered her down a bit and then I think that we didn’t have the opportunity to flesh her out as a leader as much as we would have liked. And it was weird to watch teams going through the gate and to be staying behind, it was really hard at first. I was like “well, I should be on that mission, I might be able to help out” but what Cater was trying to do was make sure that the team felt respected, that their positions were all safe and they felt respected and that was Carter’s MO as a leader and I think in some ways she could have shown a bit more strength. When she was able to show backbone she showed it but I think we could have fleshed her out a bit more.

Read the full interview over at Moviehole

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May 10 2009

Multiple Awards Wins at the 2009 Leo Awards Ceremony

The Stargate franchise has wiped the floor with the competition at this year’s 2009 Leo Awards ceremony winning 14 impressive awards out of the 27 nominations the franchise received.

Stargate Atlantis was named best TV series which won a total of 9 awards for its final season.

Stargate Continuum was named best feature length movie which won a total of 3 awards.

Michael Shanks was named best leading actor.

And executive producers Brad Wright and Robert Cooper won the awards category for outstanding lifetime achievement award.

A full break down of awards winners will be announced shortly.

Apr 21 2009

The Stargate Atlantis Movie Script and Line-up Are Complete

The first initial draft, outline and script for the first Atlantis movie has been completed, and is now with Brad Wright for final review before being drafted into final production quality.

Eager fans can expect new story lines to be opened, some closed and finished with altogether and the odd loose end from all five seasons to be wrapped completely, along with the opening of interesting new twists and teasers for future exploration.

As long as the fans support the first Atlantis movie the production team are already planning a second, which will delve deeper into the promised new twists and teasers.

All of the main season regulars will be featured in the first Atlantis movie with confirmed appearances from: Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, Woolsey, Keller, Zelenka, Lorne, Beckett, Chuck, Banks, and Todd – in addition to a couple of surprise guest stars.

Production on the first Stargate Atlantis movie is still slated for a fall production with an initial release in the first quarter of 2010.

Apr 15 2009

Stargate Universe Guest Stars Announced Includes An All Star Lineup

The Sci Fi channel soon to be SyFy has announced the official line-up of guest stars that will be making an appearance over the course of season one of Stargate Universe.

The guest star appearances have been confirmed as: Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Gary Jones, as well as Christopher McDonald, Janelle Monáe and Carlo Rota.

A full list of guest stars follows:

Anderson reprises his role of Gen. Jack O’Neill, former head of SG-1.

McDonald (Superhero Movie) plays U.S. Sen. Alan Armstrong, head of the International Oversight Committee that governs the Stargate program and father of Chloe Armstrong.

Monáe, a Grammy-nominated recording artist, plays herself; she and her band will perform “Many Moons” and “Sincerely,” two songs from her latest album, Metropolis.

Tapping reprises the role of Lt. Col. Samantha Carter from SG-1.

Shanks reprises the role of Dr. Daniel Jackson from SG-1.

Jones reprises the role of Chief Master Sgt. Walter Harriman, commander technician of the team.

Rota (24) plays Carl Strom, head of the International Oversight Advisory, the civilian oversight committee that heads up the Atlantis Expedition.

Apr 08 2009

Joseph Mallozzi Reassures Fans on the Future of the Stargate Franchise

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has taken pre-emptive movies to reassure Stargate fans on the future of the franchise, including the hugely speculated over first Stargate Atlantis movie.

You can read the full announcement below which has been taken directly from his personal blog

Now allow me to clarify a few things about the Stargate: Atlantis movie. Back in the 2008, we floated the possibility of shooting a two-hour Atlantis movie. The idea was to roll right into it right after episode 20 and then play it by ear. If the show got picked up for a sixth season, those two hours would form the first two episodes. In the event the show was not picked up, then we’d already have a movie in the can. Alas, Project Twilight (which is what I dubbed the two hour event at the time) didn’t come to pass. The series ended and focus shifted to Stargate: Universe. But not ALL of the focus because the intention has always been to make a movie. Actually, the focus has been to make two movies: an SG-1 movie, and an Atlantis movie. Now many of you are asking: “Hey, we hear that production on the Atlantis movie is being held up by the economy and yet, you have the money to make a new series and that SG-1 movie. What gives?” Well, first of all, it’s not a simple matter of us getting a whack of money and being able to pick and choose the projects we want to apply it to. Each production whether it be SGU, SG-1, or SGA, is contingent on their respective deals. And no two deals are alike. Furthermore, part of a project’s production budget is made up of licensing fees from various broadcasters, sales to various territories both domestic and international. Now these entities are a fickle bunch and won’t just buy anything. If they want product A, you can’t just replace it with product B. And that’s just one aspect of the many elements that go into any given deal. The bottom line is that the deal in place for Stargate: Universe has different components than the deal for the SG-1 movie which has different components than the deal for the SGA movie (yes, in spite of the fact that they are both Stargate movies, the deals are different).

So even though the SG-1 movie has been greenlit, I can assure you that plans are still in place to move forward on the Atlantis movie as well. Brad is working on the SG-1 script while Paul and I hope to have a first draft of the Atlantis script by month’s end (we’re already past the halfway mark). No firm production dates for either movies, but if I was a betting man, I’d be looking at this fall. All this to say – there’s no need to get all negative. When there is a need, I’ll let you all know but, at present, we’re making progress on all fronts: SGU, SG-1, AND SGA.

Apr 08 2009

Stargate Nominated in 2009 Canadian Constellation Awards

The nominations keep on rolling in for the Stargate Franchise and its many talented actors, actresses, creative consultants, producers and many more behind the scenes production crew, in the 2009 Canadian Constellation Awards.

The Constellation Awards are Canada’s annual science fiction awards focusing entirely on the science fiction film and television genres, and will take place at Polaris 23 on the 11th July.

The nominations for this years category for the Stargate Franchise are as follows:

Best Male Performance in a 2008 Science Fiction Television Episode – David Hewlett, “The Shrine”

Best Science Fiction Television Series of 2008 Stargate Atlantis

Best Male Performance in a 2008 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series – Richard Dean Anderson, Stargate Continuum

Best Female Performance in a 2008 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series Amanda Tapping, Stargate Continuum; Claudia Black, Stargate Continuum

Best Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series of 2008 – Stargate Continuum

Best Technical Accomplishment in a 2008 Science Fiction Film or Television Production – Digital Effects (Rainmaker Digital Pictures), Stargate Continuum

Best Overall 2008 Science Fiction Film or Television Script – Brad Wright, Stargate Continuum

Outstanding Canadian Contribution to Science Fiction Film or Television in 2008 – Amanda Tapping

Head on over to the official website to cast your vote or find out more about the awards »

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